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Well, the Hubs is out having a boys night playing hockey, so I’m here all by my lonesome curled up with my laptop, smelly candle (Pecan Pie is pretty much the best scent EVER), and girly music (see video posted below) and thought I’d post a lil something on here.

For starters, thanks for all your input on the grad photos thus far! I appreciate your votes / comments as I still have no freaking idea which one to choose. haha! Last night I realized that I had only 5 options on the poll and there are 6 photos (I am not a math teacher, I promise) so I had to start it over. The funny thing was, the votes were COMPLETELY different last night to what they are today! People seem to like #4 the best today, but yesterday it was a toss up between #3 and #5. So, if you voted last night, would you mind voting again today? I know, I suck, but I do really appreciate the feedback!

Next on the agenda, I found a new site that I am loving and on this fab new site is a fabulous giveaway! Beautiful Blog Designs is the place to go if you want some ideas on how to spruce up your blog a bit, and she is currently giving away a custom blog design by Blogs by Erin. I want this SO BADLY. I JUST posted about how I want a site that is a little more “me”, and I am hearting Erin’s portfolio with so much hearting. I went through trying to find a favourite, but there are two that I am LOVING:

In no particular order:
1. Pink Sugar Desserts
2. Mamma Blogger

Seriously. It’s fabulous. So go check’er out… and tell them to pick me. Ha!

I also started running again yesterday. I finally pulled together some motivation and pushed myself out the door for a jog. I was not as out-of-shape as I expected and managed to go for a good 2 mile jog. I felt great yesterday… happy to be back on track and all that jazz…

…and then I woke up this morning and I AM AN OLD MAN. My legs are SO SORE! I stretched like crazy yesterday but every muscle in my legs hurts today. haha! I gave myself the day off to prevent further injury, but I hope to get out again tomorrow. I want to get back to where I was last August when I started teacher’s college and signed my life away for the next nine months. I’m not sure whether or not I’ll start up my “Shop Girl Gets in Shape” blog again or not–the jury’s still out on that one, but I’ll let’cha know.

Before I go, I’ve been blasting some of my FAVOURITE songs while the Hubs is out, and you’d probably laugh at the random playlist I’ve created–everything from Boys II Men to Charlotte Church to Aqua to Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Anyway, tonight as I was playing piano I came across some sheet music I haven’t seen in years: The Flower Duet from Lakmé. I love this piece of music more than life… it was sung at my wedding by my best friend at the time, and I’ve decided that I want to learn how to play it.

So, enjoy. :)

Shop Girl*

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