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Shop Girl Goes South*

First things first: I am not dead, nor am I lying in a hospital bed somewhere. (I HAVE loved all the concerned emails and comments though… it makes me feel special.)

I, dear friends, am on vacation with the Hubster and my family and have been completely disconnected from the “real” world for nearly a week… and it has been so good. I’m currently in sunny Florida, away from my cell phone (do you have any idea how expensive roaming charges are?!??), computer, internet and just my busy life in general. Spart decided to buy the internet at our resort for her computer, but this is really the first time I’ve been online since last Thursday. I’ve checked my email sporadically to see about jobs (I am going to need to work somewhere come May… haha), but aside from that I have been completely disconnected from the outside world.

I have come to a conclusion: vacations are wonderful.

We are staying at a beautiful 5 star resort and the weather could not be more perfect. There hasn’t been a spec of rain, and today is really the first day it’s even been cloudy. I’m on my own today–Peeah, Fireman and Teep are gone to the beach, Big Dad is playing tennis, Mom is down watching turtles in the pond, and Doodle, Spart and the Hubs are gone to Disney World with Doodle’s girlfriend. I opted out of Disney today as Spart and I took the Hubs on his first Disney adventure yesterday. We were gone from 9am – 9pm and hopped between Epcot and Magic Kingdom. It was a fabulous day, but I am flipping tired. haha! I don’t even think I moved once I hit the pillow last night.

I was a bit disappointed with Epcot as all my old favourite attractions are closed. The World of Wonder (the pavilion with Body Works) is gone and is now some garden thing, and the Energy exhibit with the dinosaurs that features Bill Nye and Ellen was closed too. (BOOOO!) There was a new “ride” that captured my heart though–if you ever get to Epcot, you must ride “Soarin‘”. I won’t tell you much about it as it could spoil the magic, but you seriously feel like you are flying. I was hooked.

Magic Kingdom was fantastic, but CRAZY busy. We waited until 5pm to go over as the kiddies usually get tired and go home around then. Not so. By 8pm there was still a 100 minute wait to get on Space Mountain, this awesome indoor in-the-dark roller coaster… so we had to skip it. We DID get on Splash Mountain though… and while we were in line I said,

“I hope you realize that we are going to get soaked on this ride.”

They didn’t believe me. As we got into the ride and started climbing the mountain, I said:

“Get ready, we are going to get wet!”

They still didn’t believe me.

And then the first mountainous wave poured over us and soaked us to the bone. Luckily I was wearing a white t-shirt and knee-length jean shorts. White neeever goes see-through and jean dries really quickly. Ha. (That was sarcasm… just in case you missed it. haha) The Hubs felt reeeally bad as I started shivering like a maniac. I tried to tell him that we were going to get wet again, but he and Spart denied the possibility (I think for my sanity).

Then we went over the 52 foot drop and another tidal wave poured over us, successfully drenching any dry places I had left after the first wave. *sigh* Getting drenched like that is always great at noon on a really warm day… not so much at 8pm on a cool one. haha! I ended up grabbing a hot chocolate to try and warm myself, and we all decided that it was time to get our wet selves home.

The Hubs was SO excited about everything yesterday that he decided to go for round two again this morning with my family. Today they are off to Hollywood Studios (formerlly MGM) and I am off to shop. :) I found a great little navy dress for teaching when we went on Tuesday, but I am so ready for round 2. Mom, Big Dad and I are heading out in a few minutes… and I am on the hubs for shoes today. I’ll keep you posted.

It might be a couple of days before I can get back here again, but thank you for all your concern. I’m back to the grind on Monday for my last 4 weeks of placement, and I’m hoping it will fly by! I have really dropped the ball with the whole daily blogging thing this month, but I promise that starting Monday I’ll be back.

I hope you’re all well–I can’t wait to catch up on your blogs when I get back!

Shop Girl*

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