I'm an Auntie*


Today was… there are no words. To sum it up, I was ambushed by a surprise evaluation from my professor who came to watch me teach (even though I am supposed to get warning and choose a date for this together) and this caused me to stress out like a crazy person and my lesson just wasn’t up to my own personal standards… and the whole day just went to pot. I am my own worst critic and have been beating myself up all day as a result. I emailed my prof when I got home to sort it all out and thankfully he thought it was much less disastrous than I did. The whole day just felt… off. The kids were off, I was off, the staff was off… it was just an “off” day (whatever THAT means… haha).

Anyway. I didn’t come here to complain or vent as much as I am tempted to as I know you loooove listening to me rant and rave about my crap teaching days.

I came here to spill some OH-so exciting news that I have been dyyyyyying to share with you! Seriously. I have been busting to share this since Christmas and the fact that I couldn’t was torture and it’s finally time to tell.

Are you ready?

Like really ready?

I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Peeah is having a baby!! I just saw her on the weekend and she has the cutest little beginning belly and talks about “Baby” non-stop. It’s pretty cute.

She already has baby fire boots. How flipping cute is THAT? (Her hubby is a fireman… thus equaling extreme cuteness)

I can’t wait to go shopping. Baby shoes are my FAVOURITE!!!

Shop Girl*

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