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Sleep Inducing Hot Chocolate*

I have a confession: I don’t eat chocolate, but sometimes I drink it.

It’s been flipping cold here lately (it was a balmy -27°C here this morning) and I enjoy a hot chocolate from time to time to warm my soul. I try not to drink caffeine, so tea and coffee are out and I’m limited in my “hot drink” options on a cold day.

That being said, I think my hot chocolate has been laced with sedatives.

I am a late-night lesson planner. I typically don’t really get going with my plans until 9:30 or 10pm (can you guess what I am procrastinating right now? haha). I usually get to bed around midnight and I’m pretty okay with a solid six hours of sleep a night. Mornings are not always my friends, but for the most part we have bonded.

At 9:45pm last night I dragged out my plan book and started glancing over my materials for today. I settled in at my desk with a cup of hot chocolate and my binder. By 10:20pm I was so tired my head was on my keyboard. I could not even keep my eyes open! I actually had to set a timer and go lay down for 20 minutes to try and conquer the fatigue.

And tonight, here I am again, desperately trying to keep my eyes open. It’s not even 10pm yet and I feel like I could go to bed right now and sleep until Saturday. I blame the hot chocolate. It’s been spiked.

I need some good strategies to stay awake… any suggestions? Caffeine is out… I drank one energy drink once and was bouncing off the walls. It was kind of hilarious. haha!

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