Complaining about something*


I have a confession…

I am afraid of the staff room.

More specifically, I am afraid of the staff room lunch table where teachers eat and converse and I listen in awkwardly. *sigh*

The school I am teaching at for the next several weeks has a wonderful staffroom. It’s big, and pretty, with lots of space and couches. It’s also full of teachers that I don’t know… who give me ‘the look’ every time I walk by.

(You know, the “who is that and why is she invading my space” look)

Ok, so maybe that was an exaggeration, but you get the idea. I am the new kid– “fresh meat” if you will. A few teachers have been beyond nice, but a lot of others just kind of look at me when I walk by.

I’ve also decided that the hour I get for lunch is the most awkward hour of my life. I go in with my AT, as, hey! I don’t know any other staff yet. We sit down at the table with 4 or 5 other teachers and have an animated conversation.

Correction–they have an animated conversation whilst I listen and smile awkwardly whilst wishing I was somewhere else. I sometimes think I might contribute to the topic of conversation, but as the other staff sitting there hardly even acknowledge the fact that I am in the room with them, I just pass. And feel awkward.

I miss my old staff room.


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