Complaining about something*

Must. Sleep. Now*

This week needs to be over. Like right now.

I am so so so tired. It has been an INSANE week!!! My associate teacher (AT) has already been away two days this week, which means the amount of planning and organizing I do triples. I have the unfortunate disadvantage of needing to learn all these subjects before I can teach them, so it takes me forevvvvvver to plan lessons. *sigh*

It’s not all bad though–when I’m on my own (with a supply teacher being paid to sit at the back and watch me) it becomes my class… and I get to know the students on a different level / gain valuable experience. So, it’s a toss up. I like it, but I don’t.

Anyway, I’m sorry this is such a cop-out post–but today was really long. I actually had to yell at my class today (I am SO not a yeller… I am a negotiator, but today it was necessary) and the day ended with a trip to the Vice Principal’s office to resolve an issue. Such is the life!

I’m off to bed.. I promise to be a super amazing blogger tomorrow, but tonight I just need to put today behind me. I hope you all had a super amazing day!!

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