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Snow Day*

Sometimes I think Hippie U is just out to spite us.

I woke up this morning to an absolute winter wonderland–there was a foot of snow on the ground and huge flakes of snow were swirling down from the sky. When I saw how much snow was coming down, I thought, “Surely today must be a snow day!”

Sure enough, when I checked the website that monitors weather conditions for the local public and catholic school boards, I saw that every single elementary and high school in the region had closed for the day. So, I couldn’t help but wonder… would Hippie U do the right thing and close down too?

…of course not.

My university likes to be really hardcore–I’m pretty sure they would stay open even if a tornado whirled around on campus… as long as no classrooms were involved, classes would continue normally.

So, after taking a gander through my patio doors at the road conditions, I decided to email the professor of my class at noon to let him know that I didn’t feel comfortable going out on the roads. I thoroughly enjoyed my “snow morning”, but I did intend to go to my 4pm class as I had an assignment to hand in as well as one to pick up.

The snow let up around 2pm, so I thought that the roads might improve a bit. However, as luck would have it, the minute I stepped out my door at 3pm, the heavens opened and out poured the snow. I trudged up the hill to the bus stop, where I waited for 20 minutes before I saw the bus coming the wrong way, which meant that the buses were running at least a half hour late. As I sat in bus shelter wondering if it was really worth it to go to this class, I watched a car slow down and then get stuck in the middle of my busy street. As the driver looked a little panicked and the snow continued to fall, I picked up my bags and walked back to my house. (The driver was able to get un-stuck and all was well in a few seconds).

I do wonder why the university stays open on days like today though. Clearly the weather was bad enough to warrant the closing of dozens of schools all over the region, so why must it be the only one to stay open!?

Tsk, tsk.

I should call snow days more often. :)

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