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Every bone in my body is completely and utterly exhausted. It has been, by far, the busiest two weeks of the entire year thus far. Let’s recap:

I am now officially on a much, much needed Christmas break. Somehow I “lucked” out and 75% of my assignment due dates fell in the last two weeks. I had presentations, lesson plans, essays and midterms all due. I handed my last three assignments this afternoon after sleeping only 2.5 hours last night…I was up until 4:30am, and up again at 7am trying to get everything done. I feel like my whole body has been run over with a truck, and I am SO looking forward to sleeping tonight. But, I got it all done and am now free and clear for three whole weeks. It still doesn’t feel real–this is my first break since the middle of August.

Also, I finally learned where my big 10-week placement will be next semester! I was really nervous about this one as many people have been sent out of town with drives over an hour long. BUT, someone up there loves me and I was able to score a placement here in Senior’s City, at the school I originally hoped to be at! WOO! SO excited, and it’s such a huge relief. The Hubster and I are in talks about buying our first vehicle, but it’s a relief to know that we don’t have to get one yet if we decide against it.

Lastly, part of why I was so busy is that I had to take four days off last weekend to go to B-Town for Peeah’s wedding! That’s right–Peeah is now officially Mrs. Fireman! The Hubs and I rented a car and drove up last Thursday so I could be there to help out in any/every way that I could. Every day was insanely busy, and after a bit of stress it all turned out beautifully, and Peeah looked amazing. I’ll post a picture of her and Fireman below this, and tomorrow when I am awake I’ll update my exercise blog and let you all know how my dress diet worked out (I was a bridesmaid)!

Anyway, I’m sorry I’ve been completely MIA for the past two weeks, but I’ve hardly had time to breathe or sleep, let alone do something that I actually enjoy. So, now that I am on break I shall overwhelm you with posts. Get ready. :)

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