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A Pre-Hubs Story*

The Hubster told me a wonderful story from his past yesterday that I felt I MUST share with you.

Many moons ago, when the Hubs was just a small pre-Hubs, he lived in the city with his family. There he lived in an apartment, and across the street from this apartment building was a quaint little park. The pre-Hubs’ mom would often take him to play there.

Now, if you’ll reach back and remember your park / playground days, you’ll remember a time when friendships weren’t so complicated. Your physical appearance didn’t matter, your likes and dislikes weren’t so important, and generally kids made friends in about 5 seconds. The pre-Hubs was one such boy who easily made playground friends.

One day, in this pretty little park, the pre-Hubs was not the only boy playing there. Another boy was was there, and the pre-Hubs and this boy gravitated towards one another and started to play. However, the pre-Hubs was confused–the boy didn’t seem to be able to understand a single word out of his mouth, and as soon as he began to speak the pre-Hubs realized that he didn’t understand him either.

The pre-Hubs ran back to his mother to tell her about this phenomenon, and I imagine that she explained that everyone is different, and sometimes people speak different languages… but that it was still okay to play together!

Before long the pre-Hubs and this little (Hispanic) boy developed some kind of system and were happily playing away. Inevitably, something funny happened and despite not being able speak the same language, both boys erupted into laughter. The pre-Hubs was surprised by the boy’s laugh, so he ran back to his mom, and said:

“Mom!!! He’s laughing in ENGLISH!”

…priceless. hahahha

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