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Well, the time has come.

This will be my very last post on blogger. *tear* For the past two years this has been my home, but it’s time to move on to bigger and better things!! As you can probably guess, after much thought and deliberation I finally decided to move my blog to somewhere it can be a little more secure! As many of the links still connect with this site, I’ll leave this one up and running for a little while, but I will eventually be discontinuing this blog. I tried hard to make my new one as similar to this one as possible… every post AND comment has been transferred to my new site for your reading pleasure!

And in case you were wondering, YES, every chapter of Our Story has been moved, and I will be continuing the chapters ONLY on the new site. In fact, there is a new chapter waiting for you there… :)

So, after consulting with Too Kool, and some hard work by the Hubster and I, I am proud to introduce you to…


Thanks for reading… I hope you’ll continue to visit my new site. :)

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