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The Animullet*

I see interesting people on the bus I ride.

I often see new and interesting hair cuts on the interesting people I see on the bus that I ride.

I often see claw bangs and other hair styles that should have been left in the 80’s.

I often see the mullet.

But today I saw the haircut that surpassed them all. I was SO impressed I felt I HAD to share it with you. Let me explain…

I got on the bus at my stop and was peacefully riding along toward my destination. It made several stops, and, being the curious person that I am, I always like to see who is getting on or off the bus.

As the bus slowed to pick up another person, I looked out the window. The person waiting at the stop was wearing one of those old beaver tail hatsor so I thought. As the bus got closer the hat looked a little different, but definitely still beaver tail-ish. Then she got on and sat right in front of me and I realized that it was actually a perma-beaver tail hat. hahahah!!! As in her hair was cut to look like a beaver tail hat.

After I stared into it for several minutes and burned the image into my mind so that I would remember to tell all of you about how AWESOME it was, I came home and did a little research. We all know the different types of mullets–the original mullet, the skullet, the she-mullet, etc, but I learned of a NEW one today: the ANIMULLET. I think it’s self-explanitory. ahhaa!!! Well, I looked around and found a picture that sort of resembled this amazing hair I saw today. Imagine the following hair cut on a 65-year-old woman, only it was back in a pony tail, hence the hat like features.

I know. You’re probably going to run out and get this done right now, right? I know I am.

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