My Wedding*

Dear Lilac Dreamer*

This is a response to Lilac Dreamer‘s most recent post.

You will note that midway through her post she states the following: “For instance, the fun of the chicken dance has been banned…I know, collective ‘AWWW‘…but what can ya do?”

For those of you who do not know what the “Chicken Dance” is, please watch the following video.

If you DO know what it is, this video is a clip from the 2003 East Coast Polka Championship Chicken Dance Finals. That’s right. I said Chicken Dance Finals. As in a contest. For Chicken Dancing. If you skipped the video, watch it now. hahahahah

Anyway, I digress.

If you have read Lilac Dreamer‘s post (which I recommend, she is a lovely lovely writer) you will note that she is saying that it is her duty as a bridesmaid to prevent–nay, BAN the Chicken Dance from her friend’s wedding.

Tsk, tsk, tsk, Lilac Dreamer. For shame. Please note the following photographs:

(you can click on photographs to enlarge them)
This is me, opening my beaks, in my wedding dress.
And here I am flapping my little wings.
And finally, twisting and shaking my tail feathers.

So. I argue that not only should the Chicken Dance be allowed at this wedding, but it should be encouraged, if not enforced. haha!! This was only one of many, many colorful dances that were performed by the masses at my wedding…

…but you’ll learn more about that when we reach that part in Our Story*.

Be excited.

Vive le Chicken Dance!!!!

Shop Girl*

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