Shoe Stuff*

I Heart My Shoes*

As you know, I am a bridesmaid in Peeah’s upcoming wedding. So that means…

…NEW SHOES! (and new dress. haha)

I haven’t splurged and bought new fun shoes in a very long time. I actually saw them months and months ago when I went shopping for formal shoes with Dee. I picked them out for her because I thought they were fun, but unfortunately they were too expensive for my student budget.

…until now. :)

Two weekends ago the Hubster and I went for a stroll through a mall. There were shoe stores in this mall. I like shoe stores. I like to browse in them. And occasionally, I shop in then when I can afford it. haha

So, I went into a store and found the SAME shoes that I picked out for Dee on sale for $15!!! After a careful model walk around the store Iiiiiii bought them! I found them on the store’s website as I haven’t taken my own picture yet. I think they are perfect for a Christmas wedding. :)

They are to go with this dress, only in black.


Shop Girl*

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