Canada D-eh?

I thought I’d be clever with my little name there. Heh.

Well, here we are again. First things first–to all my Canadian readers:

Happy Canada Day!!

I celebrated over the weekend with Gene and Pog in the Great White North… up there they have a big celebration at the lake with fireworks, live music and all sorts of exciting things. It was glorious! My trip north was wonderful… I had a lovely visit with Grammy and finally had a chance to really reconnect with Gene, whom I have missed terribly these past few years. We just sat at my house and talked for hours. I hearted it. :)

I also had a visit to my optometrist while I was away and learned that I have to start wearing glasses. I have had glasses since I was 10, but from the moment I discovered contact lenses I stopped wearing them. However, apparently I have done some damage to my eyes that is unusual for someone my age. *sigh* The only remedy is to upgrade the type of lenses I’m wearing and reduce wearing them to a few hours at a time only a couple of days a week for the next while. So, as Peeah just recently had laser eye surgery, I went shopping through her old pairs and picked two that I like. So as soon as I have them adjusted and updated I’ll post pictures of my new look!

Also (speaking of Peeah) she has inspired me to get back on my healthy eating regime. She is on her “I’m eating healthy / wedding diet” and looks great. So, as it is the first of the month, I’m going to start phasing out bad foods every week. Rather than try and go cold turkey immediately, I’m going to ween myself off of the crap that I shouldn’t be eating. SO.

Week One: No…
1. Dessert. I always crave something sweet after meals… so if I want it I’ll choose fruit.
2. Pop
3. Chips
4. Candy

Starting today these will be eliminated from my diet. If you’re interested in doing this with me, let me know! I want to eventually phase out fast food, starchy foods, etc and hopefully become a lean, green healthy machine. WOoo. haha

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