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New Hair*

This is my favourite hair pose apparently. I took these yesterday… and realized that it is the same pose for most of my “I just got a new haircut” pictures.

So. I decided I was bored with my hair so I chopped 4.5 inches of and now have full on bangs. Gene took some better pictures of them last night when I actually did them but I’ll have to wait to steal them from her! I’m also slowly working my way back to my natural colour… I’ve decided that I want to be auburn again, at least for a while. Dark was fun, but I miss my red!

I’m still in Btown right now at my parent’s house. I’m heading back to Senior’s City tomorrow and I’ll update you on my birthday weekend in the Great White North… in short, it was fabulous. I had SUCH a good time. Thanks for all your birthday wishes… I’m thoroughly enjoying being 23 thus far. :)

Well, I’m exhausted and will probably go to bed shortly so that I’m wide awake for my journey back to the Hubster tomorrow. HOO HAH!!!! (I miss him) I’ll be a MUCH more active blogger this week… I’ll be posting part 4 of the Proposal very shortly… :)

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