Exciting News*

My Secret Project*

Hello my dear readers,

In recent posts I have mentioned that I have been working on a new project that has been eating up my free time. Well, today, after hours of work, it’s finished-ish. It’s complete enough that I cannot wait any longer to share it with you!! SO EXCITED!!!!!

Some of you may have noticed that when you type in www.iheartmyshoes.blogspot.com it now redirects you to www.blog.iheartmyshoes.com (look in the bar). Why is it doing this, you ask? Hmmmm???


That’s right baby– I (with much help and artistic advice from the Hubster) have created a website for my little blog and I would LOVE if you would visit me there! I’ve posted pictures. I’ve posted other random information. AND I’ve posted Our Story in one place for your reading pleasure (only what I’ve posted here, of course… you still have to wait!).

You may be thinking… what does this mean for my blog? Absolutely nothing–my blog itself will not change at all and will stay the same blog that you know (and hopefully love). It’s really just an expansion of my blog with new information and little extras that I will continue adding.

So, without ANY further ado… I give you: www.iheartmyshoes.com

Much love,
Shop Girl*

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