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The Internet-Eating Monster Virus*

Uggggggggh….. I haven’t been able to blog for the last couple of days and it made my heart sad. *sigh*

I’m currently up in Btown at my parents house! I came up on Tuesday and have been spending lots of time with my family. I’ve been shopping with Mom, driving with Dad, had a Chinese and Niles night with Spart, and last night we all just hung out together in the living room. (the Hubster made sure to turn off his death march phone this time… haha)

The Hubs came up yesterday, and it was a good thing because a) I missed him, b) I really missed him… I kind of like him, and c) my internet died. I usually have less time to write when I am here to begin with as my family usually keeps me pretty busy, but not having the internet on my lovely little IBM was just not good. It was the most bizarre thing… it was working in the morning, and then I turned off my lappy to go shopping with my Mom. When I came back a couple of hours later not only could I not connect to the internet, but I couldn’t even access my internet options. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Gone.

I was a little perplexed, to say the least. I tried all the usual options to connect and was getting no where. So I turned to the most brilliant man I know–my Hubster. :)

Unfortunately, he couldn’t fix the problem over the phone and it would have been really complicated for him to try and explain it to me, so I had to wait for him to come. Which meant no blogging. Which made me sad.

He did come the next day though. :) And after our joyful reunion, he sat down to try and fix my lappy (again) like the wonderful husband that he is. At first, he too was a little perplexed. He fiddled and pondered and tried this and that to no avail.

And then it popped up:


Okay. So it didn’t really say that, but it may as well have! haha! I was bewildered–a virus? How? I couldn’t even remember downloading anything that would have triggered such a monstrous thing. When we found it, it had already begun working its ‘magic’, hence my no internet. So, after a thorough virus cleaner and deletion… here I am! I’ll still likely have to reformat again when I get back to Senior’s City, but whatevs. I’m just happy that we killed the beast. :)

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