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I love secret bathrooms. You know, those bathrooms that are kind of out of the way and hidden so that not many people know about them. The ones that are almost always empty and almost always spotlessly clean. I found one this year now that I’m working on the 4th floor of our library. Before I found it, I was always using the bathroom before I left for work, or leaving work a little early to use my other semi-secret bathroom on campus.

One day as I was bored at work I decided to do a little exploring around the 4th floor (as I’ve never really needed to come up here before this year) and I saw bathroom signs. Until this point I had assumed that the only washrooms in the library were the biggish ones on the bottom floor. However, I followed the signs, and there, lo and behold, was the most lovely bathroom I have found yet on campus. haha! I love it for these reasons:

1. It’s tucked away in a corner and is not in any way obvious unless you know it’s there or are absolutely looking for a bathroom.
2. It’s HUGE. It’s the biggest bathroom that I’ve found on campus. The mirror is massive, there’s lots of floor space, etc etc.
3. It’s ALWAYS clean. I have never been in there and found it dirty. I don’t even think that I’ve even ever found anything on the floor.
4. It’s almost always empty. No line-ups, no gossipy girls, etc etc.

It’s amazing. You probably think I’m silly for getting so excited about a bathroom, but when you almost live on campus like I do it’s lovely to find one so nice. I also hate going to the bathroom when there are a million people milling around. It’s just a thing. haha

Do you have a secret bathroom? If not, find one. They are lovely. :)

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