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I love Grade 2*

Today was my first real day in the classroom as a literacy/numeracy tutor. Last year my job was a little different, I was teaching 6 students at a time a separate curriculum heavily based on literacy skills in a separate classroom and had very little interaction with the teachers or other students. However, THIS year I am right in the class and am somewhat of a student teacher! I was a little apprehensive when I learned that I would be working in a grade 2 classroom as I prefer working with older students, but after my experience today I am 90% converted. I now see why so many people apply into the primary/junior strain. My class is amazing. The kids are SO well behaved… they seem to be in that place where they haven’t decided that rebellion is cool yet and are so obedient and excited to learn.


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P.s. I am relieved to announce that I have not forgotten how to carry over when adding numbers. Did I mention that I’m also teaching math? HAAAA

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