Complaining about something*

Super Awesome Presentation Preparation*

That is what I wish I had. That I don’t have. Which makes me sad. *sigh*

I like to be prepared for things. Especially for first presentations in my new 4th year classes so that I can show the professors how totally awesome I am. So the fact that I am not prepared for the presentation that I have TOMORROW is stressing me out. Here is why:

On the 20th of September (I think) I didn’t go to school because my body was dying. Really. By this point in time I had had my back-to-school-cold for exactly a month and I needed to rest my dying body. So I stayed in bed and slept. However, I decided to be a keener student and check my syllabus to make sure I wasn’t missing anything terribly important (as I only have 1 class on Thursdays). From the mammoth syllabus my professor had handed out the first day (he’s a new prof) I deducted that he might be putting us into groups for some kind of a project/presentation. So before class I sent him a wee email apologizing for missing class and asking if he’d put me in a group.

Now there’s something else about this new professor that you need to understand. He likes emails, but he just doesn’t like responding to them. How that works? I don’t know. So I got a 5 word answer that I’d been put in a group and that they were supposed to contact me, and if they didn’t, to let him know. Well, 6 days went past and I hadn’t heard a peep. So I reemailed the prof.

At this point he mass-emailed our group and told them to fill me in. I heard from them last Thursday at 12:50, letting me know that they were meeting at 1pm. Nice. I emailed back 4 hours later when I actually checked my email telling that that I (obviously) wasn’t going to make it. So we set up a time to meet again yesterday afternoon, 2 days before the presentation.

There are 5 readings to complete for our 4 person group. I (by total fluke) managed to read an internet article that no one else had been able to find. Everyone else had already picked a book to read and had had time to finish it. At the meeting as I had only read a 25 page internet article it was decided that I’d tackle the last reading that the rest of them had forgot. Ok, cool, I can handle that. Right?

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. So I find the lovely FOUR HUNDRED PAGE beast yesterday around 4:30pm. I didn’t even get a chance to open it last night as I had a French test this morning that I needed to study for. I got 17 pages read during my breaks today, and am now supposed to tackle it tonight. This is why I HATE HATE HATE group work. So tonight I have so much to do that I’m stressed, and when I’m stressed I procrastinate, and when I procrastinate I blog. It’s a vicious, vicious circle. Anyway, wish me luck. Today sucks.

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