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Little G’s Wedding*

Little G is MARRIED.

I can hardly believe it. Even though he’s only 2 months minus 2 days younger than I am, he’s my Little G! And now he’s married. :)

Well, let’s start at the beginning. I went up on Tuesday so that I could spend some time with my family as well as be available to help Little G with anything that he needed. I’m glad that I went– we got to spend some time together before he became a married man and it was lots of fun helping him to not be stressed. I’ve decided that weddings are entirely so much more fun when they aren’t your own. hahah! Don’t get me wrong–my wedding was amazing–but it’s so… stress-free to go to other people’s.

On Thursday morning we woke up early, got ready and drove down to the temple so that my mom, dad and I (along with other members of my/Chic’s family) could watch Little G and Chic be sealed together for time and all eternity. It was a beautiful sealing and I’m so happy that I was there to be apart of it. I was okay through the whole thing, but I lost it and started crying as soon when Little G was hugged by his dad. It was so sweet.

After that we left Choppy and Teep at the temple for pictures (they were in the wedding party) and drove back to help set up for the reception. They had it at a nice hall with a beautiful view of the lake, and it was simply, but nicely decorated. The reception was a little long (or maybe it just seemed that way because I was EXHAUSTED) but the speeches and toasts were really nice. I even made an appearance in their slide show and felt very special. haha! Because it was on a Thursday it ended rather early, and I left around 11. I then decided to be adventurous and go OUT! WOOOO! haha I went out with Tiger and a few other people, and it was great to visit with him. It sucks that he lives so far away, but his mom invited the Hubs and I up to visit at their home so I think we might when things are a little less busy for us.

All in all, I was/am so happy for Little G & Chic. She looked absolutely stunning, and there was no doubt in my mind that they were absolutely in love as I watched them spend their first few hours as a married couple together. It brought back so many memories of my own wedding, and I wished so much that the Hubs could have been there with me (he ended up having a test he couldn’t miss that night). I took a few pictures for your viewing pleasure:
Teep & Choppy (in new suits!)

Chic & Little G coming out of the temple

BEATLES SHOT!! (The Groomsmen)

The Groomsmen

Little G & I

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