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I have an uncanny ability to attach people or memories to pieces of music, and then the two are attached for life. I have been doing it all my life, and then every single time I hear that specific song, I am immediately reminded of the memory. I’ve just been listening to my itunes as it randomly shuffles through my music while I scan pictures, so I thought I’d share a few of these memories with you:

Yeah *Usher ft. lil’ John & Ludacris: First year. I loved my little ghetto with all my heart and I was devastated to leave it. This song came out that year and played at my first university “pub” night. My girlfriends and I danced like crazy to it and every time I hear it I still want to dance. haha

If I Ain’t Got You *Alicia Keys: I love to visit my Telly. On one visit some of her other friends were up, and a couple of us went out. This song came on in the car, and Telly and her friend sang their hearts out to each other. It was ridiculous and I loved it.

Mr. Sandman *Glenn Miller & the Andrews Sisters: This song always makes me think of Spart and Choppy. When I was living at home and working at Payless, they would come pick me up from work BLASTING this song while Choppy danced like a madman out the window.

Blame It On The Rain *Milli Vanilli: Even though I wasn’t personally there to witness it, this song makes me think of Cicada. Doodle once told me a story of a time when he and Cicada were driving in the original vanimal, and Cicada danced out the window to this song. Every time I hear it I picture that. hahaha

Mad World (Remix) *Michael Andrews:
This song makes me think of late night talks with one of my best guy friends from first year. I hated Donny Darko, but this song made suffering through the film worth it. He LOVED this song and played it over and over.

Take a Chance On Me *ABBA: This song makes me think of my old house and Peeah. She had the ABBA Gold CD, and this was the first song I ever heard by ABBA and I immediately fell in love with them then and there. I used to play it over and over on our big old black stereo in the living room.

Billy Jean *Michael Jackson: Hahaha… this song also makes me think of Telly. When this song came on at YSA dances we used to do all these crazy dances. We had our hot walk and snow angels. haha Oh Telly. I miss you.

Friends in Low Places *Garth Brooks: My ladies from camp. We did this song as our airband EVERY year and I was always Garth. We would borrow mens’ clothes, stuff them with pillows, grab a cowboy hat, and cover our faces with teabags and vasoline. It was HOT.

Life Is A Highway *Tom Cochrane: Every time I hear this song I think of Tiger’s older brother and the time we saw Tom in concert completely by fluke. It was at a big festival and everyone else went home early but we decided to stay to watch someone (I can’t remember who) perform. But before they went on, Tom came up on stage and started belting out this song, and EVERYONE started singing along. Everyone was on their feet with lighters in the air–it was magic! haha

Can’t Help Falling in Love *Elvis: Ahh… this song always, always brings a smile to my heart. I’ve loved it all my life, but I love it even more now that it always makes me think of the Hubster when I hear it. We danced to this song in my little room right after he proposed to me (before anyone knew) and then it was our first dance as a married couple. :)

He Ain’t Heavy (He’s My Brother) *The Hollies: This song reminds me of my mom. She loves this song, and every time it came on that old commercial that told people not to do drugs, she would sing along and tell us how much she loved it.

Anyway, those are just the songs that came on randomly in the past half hour. It’s cool… even just listening to music is a walk down memory lane for me. :)

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