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I really don’t know if I’ve ever written about this–probably not, as it’s kind of personal–but I wanted to write about it as it’s been on my mind and this is where I let things out. Every so often I’ll have a period of about a week where I’ll dream about babies every night. Very vivid dreams. And they’re always different. I think if it was a recurring dream I’d be more concerned/intrigued, but it’s only a recurring theme. Sometimes the baby is mine, sometimes it’s a close friend’s, and sometimes the baby is just there. What is different about this week’s dreams, however, is how vividly I am aware of the baby’s names and how well I remember the dreams when I wake up.

Dream #1 (Friday Night): I should have written this down on Saturday so that I could have remembered it more clearly, but what stood out most about this dream was the fact that I actually gave birth to the baby in the dream. It was in a school, in some kind of a lounge, and my mom was with me and it seemed a completely normal occurrence. The birth was very quick and easy, and before my mom handed me the baby, she told me that it was a boy and that his name was Gabriel. This floored me as I’ve never even jokingly considered Gabriel as a name before, and (like many women) I already have several names I kind of like picked out for when I do have children. I started listing these off to my mother, I remember suggesting William, Jacob and Isaac, but she was very clear about the baby’s name. The funny thing is, I think I actually really like the name Gabriel. haha

Dream #2 (Saturday Night): Last night the baby in the dream was not my own, but I held it through the entire dream. I was out walking and randomly went into someone’s house. It turned out to be a girl that lives down the hall from me that I hardly know, but in the dream we seemed to be good friends. We talked a bit, then she handed me her sleeping little boy, and again I was acutely aware that his name was Christopher. He slept in my arms as I chatted with the girl, and then my mom came over and wanted to hold the baby. At that point he turned into a doll and I woke up.

So… they are kind of bizarre, and I don’t quite know what to think about them. Any thoughts?

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