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Lost Exam?

This morning I lived every university students dream. My professor lost our exam.

Let’s start at the beginning. My university just revamped the whole English program, so in order to complete my degree on time next year I needed to take a couple of second year credits to catch up. So, I took a Restoration to Romantics course, and at the last minute decided to switch from the section I was initially in to one that I knew some people in. First good decision.

I ended up with a really nice prof who is brilliant, but extremely scatter-brained and eccentric. She was often late for class, forever losing things and forgetting deadlines. She once had her car broken into an apparently the thief stole our corrected essays, which she later found again on some random corner. Sure, it sounds really far-fetched, but she’s really that person that those kinds of things happen to. She’s had a really rough year (as she very openly discussed with us) which affected her teaching. Anyway, fantastic person, but not a great professor.

So… this week has been horrible for me. I taught Monday, wrote 2 exams on Tuesday, taught Wednesday, wrote an essay, and was supposed to write an exam at 9am this morning. Let me say that one more time… I was SUPPOSED to write an exam. Man, it still feels gloriously wonderful to say that and it’s about 8 hours later now. haha

I was extremely stressed this morning as I didn’t feel very prepared for my exam and I hadn’t quite finished the essay that was due at the exam this morning. As I walked into the exam room (with all the students in the class, including those from the other sections), I stopped to talk to my prof about it, to which she responded “Don’t worry about it… I have kind of an extra-ordinary announcement to make” and directed us to our assigned section. That is when I noticed that half of the exam room had exams on the tables, and half didn’t. We were directed into the empty half.

The other two profs (it’s a team-taught course) made some quick announcements about their specific exams, then gave the floor to my professor. Apparently, she had had trouble printing the exams and had decided to save them onto a USB key and print them the morning of the exam, which she somehow lost somewhere between her hotel and the school (she lives over an hour away from campus). After a fruitless search, she came to the exam and decided she would post it on the internet and make it a take home exam and give us a WEEK to complete it. HALLELUJAH!!!!!!! So we signed in and left the room, with all of the students whose professors had remembered their exams watched us walk away while they delved into their work. I’ve never had so many dirty looks in my life… haha

Hahahaha… isn’t that AMAZING?????? She has promised that we will be graded no more difficulty than we would’ve been had it been an in-class exam because it was her fault that it wasn’t ready for us. I am in LOVE. I swear, this would ONLY happen at my university. This would be like a fairytale/legend at the university I attended for my first year… haha! I think I finally like it here!!!!

The best part is, today is the first time the sun has really shone in ages… and it’s GORGEOUS out. It couldn’t be a better day!!!! I WIN!

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