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I have a rather large essay due on Thursday that I have yet to really delve into. I’ve started it, gotten the books I need, but still haven’t really tackled it by the horns. I hate essays. I just want to be done school sooooooooo badly. :(

My cold still feels like it is ever so slowly coming on… I’ve been waking up with a really sore throat that kind of subsides as the day goes on. I’m not impressed. I felt awful yesterday– we came home from church and I felt like a truck ran me over. I napped for 3 hours which helped, but I better be better by the time we leave for Florida!

Speaking of which, I went tanning again today. Iiiiii love it. I don’t love the place I’m going to here as much as the place I used to go to where my parents live, but it’s close and cheap so I shouldn’t complain. I don’t think I actually have much colour to show for it by the time we leave, it’s more so that I won’t burn to a crisp the second we step onto our beautiful, beautiful, b-e-a-uuuuuutiful resort. HOO HAH!

I’ve decided that I really enjoy not having class on Mondays. Almost more than I enjoy not having class on Fridays. Really, I enjoy not having class on Mondays OR Fridays. That makes me a very happy girl. :) I taught again today– my kids are quite a challenge for me. I’m continually seeking for ways to be innovative and exciting so that I can hold their attention for more than 5 minutes at a time… however, the bonus side to this is that every single time I go in there, it reaffirms my decision that I’d like to teach high school. Kids are great– I would just like to be able to have real people conversations I think. haha Anyway, back to work. Or at least pretending to work. :)

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