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That’s right. I have an office. At the university. I’m just way cool like that.

Actually, I share an office with about 13 other member of the organization I co-chair. But it does make me feel important to sit in my little office at school. I have a 3 hour break between my classes today and because I had a meeting in between I couldn’t go home, so I’m killing the time on here. It’s days like this that make me love my laptop with my whole heart. Who wants to spend their break productively when they can surf the net and write in their blog?

We ordered clothing for our organization as well and I just picked mine up today and I am thrilled. I got a fantastic chocolate brown zipped hoodie that even says my name on the sleeve. HOO HAH! I don’t know if I’ve ever actually written about the organization (sorry, no org. name – no personals) but it’s great for prospective teachers. We promote literacy both at the university and in the community and it’s fantastic for teacher’s college applications. We even have a program that reads to seniors, which I think is very important. I like being involved– last year I did basically nothing at the school and as a result, hardly knew anyone. I’m enjoying meeting new people and doing something productive with my time. (secretly I mostly love that I get to have an office… haha j/k)

The only thing that sucks is that meetings are always held on Sunday evenings which is probably the worst time of the week for me, as far as free time goes. I enjoy spending Sunday with the Hubster as it’s sometime difficult to find large blocks of time to be with each other during the week. As well, we have church, and with the Hubster’s calling, if I can’t find a ride home, we could both be there from 9:15am to almost 2pm. As well, I try to have the missionaries over for dinner at least once a month, and Sunday evening is the only day I can guarantee that will be free for The Hubster and I. So, it usually a busy day.

Anyway, a friend is coming to meet me so I should probably go for now. I love my office.

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