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I cannot believe how cold it is here. I am in my hometown in the great white north and there is a 35 degree difference between here and southern Ontario. That’s gross. haha! Well, my mom, Spart, Peeah, Doodle and I all piled into the Spartmobile and drove for what seemed like EVER. We left at 6:30 and got here early this afternoon, so that was nice. Peah, Doodle and I were crammed into the backseat and only fought once! And really, in actuality, it was more of a political debate over voting. Peeah and I are not voters, while Doodle and Spart are. It was quite intense. haha

We’re here to visit my 91 year old grandmother who still lives on her own in a large 5 bedroom house. Pretty neat, eh? I try to get up to visit once or twice a year–it’s difficult now that we live so far away, not to mention that we have crazy student schedules. Anyway, she’s still going pretty strong–mentally she’s still totally with it, but her body seems to be failing her. I noticed today that she seems to be having even more trouble walking. All in all she seems to be doing well, she’s just slowing down a lot. But for 91, she’s still a star.

Well, I had a quiet afternoon and then we all went out for dinner at Casey’s. We even bumped into a couple of guys we went to high school with at the restaurant. That’s one advantage of living in a smaller community– it’s impossible to go anywhere without bumping into someone you know. I love it. We were supposed to go out to eat at the restaurant practically my entire family worked at, but the roads/weather here was terrible so we decided to stay in town instead. That’s one thing I do not miss about living here… the roads are awful. For the most part they are only partly clear, they just have two tire tracks clear with snow in the middle, if not completely snow covered. It sucks to drive here in the winter because the weather/roads are so unpredictable.

So after dinner the weather died down and Spart, Peeah, Mom and I made the trek out to the little mall with our most favourite store: Giant Tiger. They had wonnnderful clearance racks with LOADS of stuff for $3 bucks each!! I almost died and went to heaven… but still managed to stay in my budget. haha! I also was able to find a movie the Hubster has been looking for for some time, so all in all, it was a fabulous adventure!

I came home and called him because I’m currently missing him like MAD. I always feel terrible when I leave him at the apartment by himself for days on end because I know I’d be terribly lonely and go crazy on my own for that long. We actually had a really nice chat on the phone… we talked for over half an hour, which I don’t think we’ve done since we were dating!!! It’s weird to talk to him on the phone when I normally get to see him and talk in person… I much prefer seeing him. :)

Well, everyone here has gone to bed, and I think I’ll do the same as I’ve been up since 5:40am. Sleep tight!

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