• Eating, Hallowe’ening & a Jerk on a Bench*

    Oh, hi November.

    I can’t quite believe that it’s actually NOVEMBER, but here we are–the month before Christmas. Or, the month before the Christmas month.

    Or something.

    I feel like a lot has happened in the last few days. Hank is still not sleeping terribly well, but I feel like things are getting a bit better. He was waking almost every hour, but his stretches are beginning to lengthen out a little more, and I’m actually making it into my own bed… at least for part of the night. Progress!

    I’ve also had some success getting him to eat in the last two days. I’ve been giving the baby led weaning thing a go over the last two weeks, and he seems to really enjoy feeding himself. He hasn’t actually been ingesting much, but it’s a huge leap forward from his refusing to let anything near his mouth. It had been a few weeks since I tried feeding him anything from a spoon, so on a whim last night I gave it a go… and he ate a third of a jar of baby food. I thought it may have been a fluke, so I tried it again tonight… and he ate again. It’s a Christmas miracle! I am SO hoping that we are on the road to solids. My big boy has been nursing exclusively until now, and mama is ready for a break. :)

    This was technically Ruby’s third Hallowe’en, but it was the first year that we took her out trick or treating. She was the cutest little lamb that there ever was, and she loved ringing doorbells and calling out “Trick or Treat!” at every house.

    I ran my third race with my brother and a friend, and while I didn’t quite get the time that I wanted, it was still my best official race time yet. Also, Doodle ran the 10km race and came 8th (!!) overall. He is unreal… so proud of him!

    I really struggled with my running throughout most of October. I feel like I lost my guiding hand when I finished my c25k program, and I wasn’t progressing the way I felt I should be. The lack of sleep I’ve had, combined with some hip / pelvic issues I’m still working on from my labor with Hank has really pushed my motivation to an all-time low since I started running.

    In a word, I’ve felt really discouraged… and this really bothered me as I have come to love running. I really look forward to it every day.

    Last week was probably my worst week, and I realized that if I wanted things to change, then I needed to change them. I found a free little coaching app, and I decided to give it a go today. I punched in my long-term goals, and it set a very easy, slow pace for me to run. As you run it kicks in and tells you to slow down or speed up if you move outside the pace it has set for you. I almost shut it off after I started because it felt SO slow, but as the kilometers stretched out one after the other, I realized that I was running easily, breathing freely and I had no hip discomfort. It was the first run in a long time that just felt so… good. I easily ran four kilometers and I only stopped because my “session” for today ended.

    I so needed that today. And thank goodness it was such a lovely run, as it was interrupted by a not-so-lovely experience.

    I run several different routes through my neighborhood, and people often wave or call out a greeting as I run past. As I was coming off a pathway today, I noticed a man sitting on a bench nearby. I could see that he was trying to speak to me, so I pulled my headphone off as I ran past. He smiled and called out, “Well, someone is getting a work out, eh?” I laughed a little, nodded and moved to put my music back on. Just as I was about to put my headphone back in my ear, I heard him sneer:

    Looks like you still need to work out a bit more!

    He continued trying to yell something else after I had my music back on, and it took me a minute to really understand what he was saying to me.

    A few weeks ago, this would have really bothered me. Here was this man I didn’t know, blatantly yelling in public that I’m fat as I’m trying to run. But guess what? I already know that I’m a little overweight and that my body isn’t perfect. I know I’m not the fastest runner out there, and I may look silly to someone more experienced.

    But I also know that the road to getting myself healthy again is a marathon, not a sprint. Just two months ago I was in a very different place, and I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished so far.

    And hey–he was the one with his bum glued to a bench, not me. So that’s something. :)

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  • Personal Space Invaders*

    (via: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-Wn2JxlJu0S0/TkFOjUD3pNI/AAAAAAAAADg/W_bqBqyWm8k/s1600/personal-space-invader.jpg)

    I adore Seinfeld.

    The concepts for the show are so simplistic it’s ridiculous, but they are sometimes SO true to life that I can’t even handle it. Sometimes things happen to me and in my head I immediately imagine how it would play out in a Seinfeld episode.

    Yesterday I had one such occurrence.

    For a while now I’ve been searching online for a second-hand play pen. I had a very specific style in mind, and I was hoping to get a good deal as they retail from $175 – 200 new in stores. On Saturday I spotted the exact playpen I had been searching for, so I immediately contacted the owner. She sold it to me for $35, which was an unbelievable steal.

    We made arrangements for me to come and pick it up yesterday afternoon. Finally finding what I had been searching for for such a bargain left me on a bit of a high, so I decided to stop off at Value Village on the way home to see if my lucky streak would continue.

    I didn’t find anything for me, but it was certainly Ruby’s lucky day. I found some ridiculously cute jeans, winter boots, running shoes and a cool new toy for under $10. Win? I think yes.

    My luck ran out when I headed for the checkout–there was already a line-up and only two cashiers were open. I picked a lane and settled in to wait.

    I casually glanced around the store, but as I slowly made my way closer to the front I started experiencing the strangest sensation.

    It felt like someone was breathing in my ear.

    I tried to do a subtle over-the-shoulder look on one side and didn’t see anything, so I moved to casually glance on the other side…

    …and almost bumped noses with the woman standing behind me.


    You would think that standing that close to someone would be deliberate, right? You’d expect to find them creepily staring at you, rubbing their palms together.

    This woman seemed completely oblivious that I was even there. I turned more fully to try and get her attention to indicate that she was a little too close for comfort, but was busy looking everywhere but me.

    That’s when I knew: she was a personal space invader.

    After a minute of standing so close I was beginning to feel uncomfortable, so I took a step forward. Maybe she had moved to let someone in behind her, hence her proximity to me. So, my moving forward should solve the problem, right?


    As I took a step forward, she moved with me. It was almost like we were spooning. Unintentionally. Standing up. In a check-out line.


    I tried leaning forward onto my stroller, but I sensed that she was moving even closer so I immediately stood back up. So, instead of turning and asking her to remove herself from my personal bubble, I did the next most rational thing…

    Picture this, if you will: I rolled my stroller forward a little bit with one leg, but kept one foot back. I then started leaning forward on the handles, but as she leaned with me I jutted my elbow way out.

    It was quite a lovely chicken wing move.

    My foot and elbow prevented her from getting too close, and gave me a much needed respite from this personal space invader. Luckily I was soon called to the front and was able to make my purchases and leave.

    It was such an awkwardly funny situation that I couldn’t help but channel a little Elaine Benes as I tried to find a way to be comfortable with the personal space invader (literally) breathing down my neck.

    Oh, the things I’ll endure for tiny cute shoes.

  • Snowpocalypse*

    Okay. You absolutely MUST watch this video. I think I just died laughing. hahaha

    The storm sort of hit us–but it wasn’t the mammoth mother storm that we were expecting. WATCH.

  • What did you just say?

    In early December the Hubster’s parents came to visit.

    They moved out to the East Coast in 2009, and this was their first trip back since the move. As we live in a teeny apartment that is jammed to the ceiling with our stuff, they stayed with The Hubster’s grandparents and aunt and uncle, and drove out to see us after we finished work each day. We’d drop all our work stuff, change quickly and head out for that evening’s adventure.

    As we were driving one night, we passed a tiny little restaurant. The sign caught my father-in-law’s eye.

    FIL: “Sushit & T? What kind of a name is that?!”

    The Hubster, his mom and I all turned to gape at him. My father-in-law never swears. It was so shockingly hilarious that we all erupted into waves of laughter and tried to figure out what on earth he was talking about. Embarrassed, he tried to justify his previous statement and pointed to the sign as we passed.

    FIL: “Right there! Look! Sushit & T!”

    This is what he saw:

    Sushit & T Restaurant

    Of course, this only made us laugh harder. The Hubster’s Mom has long believed that her husband is colorblind, and now had another piece to prove her theory.

    MIL: “That doesn’t say Sushit & T, it’s SUSHI T&T!”

    FIL: “What? No it doesn’t.”

    MIL: “Yes dear, it does. What colour are the letters?”

    FIL: … (no comment)

    I don’t think that the Hubster stopped laughing throughout the entire conversation. You see, this is what the sign really looks like.

    Sushi T & T Restaurant

    While the letters are close together and could be mistaken as one word, the two colors tend to leave readers with a different interpretation than the one my father-in-law had.

    Of course, every time we pass it now it’s all we can read. The Hubster has since been there to eat and said the food was fab, nothing like the… err, “poopy” name of the restaurant.

  • Trick or Treat?!

    When I was 13, my mom told me it was time to stop trick or treating. At the time I was devastated… how on earth could I survive November without a pillow case of candy hidden in my closet? Sad, I know.

    Eventually I got over being the voluntold candy-hander-outer and for years Halloween wasn’t really a big deal. I learned that sneaking candy out of the family’s candy bowl was kinda fun and I didn’t really need all the dress-up stuff, and didn’t bother dressing up until my first year of university (on the night the Hubster and I first saw each other!) and I became the “Lady bug Girl”.

    (The night before I wore it out and first saw the Hubster)

    Since that time, I haven’t really bothered with Halloween, and if it weren’t for all the decorations that adorn store windows I’d probably completely forget about it… in fact, the first year the Hubs and I were married, I did. haha! He had to work that night so I was alone in our apartment and as soon as it got dark out I kept getting these sporadic knocks on my front door. Having seen entirely too many episodes of CSI (I hadn’t fallen in love with Law & Order: SVU yet) I was convinced it was a serial killer coming to take my life. (*sigh* I know…)

    After the 5th knock or so, I crept to the door and yelled “WHO ARE YOU?!” through the door in a panicky voice (trying to sound brave. and tough.). Preparing to hear Vincent Price’s laugh in Thriller I was a might set back when I heard two timid, tiny voices cry, “Trick-or-treat?!” in utter confusion. Unable to muster the courage to face their parents and tell them I was convinced their children were serial killers, I collapsed on the floor in relief shame and told them I didn’t have any candy. Through the door. Which was locked. And bolted.

    I think the Hubster laughed for an hour when I told him later that night.


    Halloween and I aren’t really great friends. I think it’ll probably be more exciting when we have children of our own and candy to steal inspect for danger, but until then, forget costumes and candy–I have a whole new use for Halloween: SHOPPING. Seriously. Shopping on Halloween night when everyone is out trick or treating is magical. It’s SUCH a well-kept secret! I had to work until 7:30 last night, then the Hubster and I had to run some errands. I normally loathe shopping at Walmart due to the utter chaos that is always inevitably waiting when you walk through the front doors, but last night it was… peaceful. We were able to get in, grab everything we needed and get out in record time. No line-ups. No screaming children. No mess. No fuss. Love.

    It was the same at the grocery store… I think it shall be my new Halloween tradition. Next year I’ll try the mall and let you know how it goes. Be excited.

    We did try and honor the spirit of Halloween by renting a horror-ish movie to watch last night. I don’t really “do” scary movies as hey, let’s be honest, my imagination is HUGE. HUGE. And that stuff stays with me for days after I watch it. For example: the first time the Hubster introduced me to the Alien movies I was so scared I made him stay up until 3am watching Bambi with me afterward so I wouldn’t dream about having my face sucked off.


    However, I wanted to try. I’ve been trying to make peace with scary movies lately by trying to watch more of them. In the past year I’ve watched The Shining, The Strangers, and then last night, The Exorcism of Emily Rose. To my surprise, I didn’t have to cover my face nearly as often as I thought I would, and I actually really liked the storyline. However, the Hubs has been informed that if I ever, ever wake up at 3am he will be joining me. Now that’s love. :)

    We also had a good laugh remembering our trick-or-treating days after I saw a very tiny, very cute ballerina prance past our car. After fondly recalling at the best / worst treats (who gives out pop?! I mean really. Way to drag a kid down. haha) we started talking about some of the funniest / most bizarre ones we ever received. There were always a few homemade ones that made their way into my pillow cases, as well as the treats meant to “inform” the children, like toothpaste or pencils.

    However, we each had a winner… when the Hubs was little he was given Dairy Queen coupons instead of candy. I’m sorry, but unless you are handing me an actual blizzard, then I’ll just take a Reeces cup, please. :)

    My all-time favourite was the year I got 5 lucky pennies–not just any pennies, lucky ones–from a cute little old lady that lived up the street from my old house. Sad as I was not to add to my ever-growing chocolate collection, I kept those babies for ever. Or at least for a day. You know.

    Did you ever get an weird / funny / interesting treats as a kid? I sometimes think I want to be that person who gives out bizarre things on Halloween just to give people funny stories. The Hubster’s suggestion was to give out squares of toilet paper (we had just restocked at Walmart. ha).

    …or maybe I’ll just give out suckers. haha

    So lovelies, that was our little Halloween… and now on to Christmas! WOO WOO! Fifty-four sleeps!

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