• The House: Day 3*

    Today I…

    Worked at my favourite school.

    Grocery shopped on my way home.

    Packed / cleaned my bedroom.

    Packed my office.

    Took a load of food and clothes to the new house, along with dinner for the Hubster and his friends there helping.

    Organized the boxes already at the house.

    Picked up a parcel at Shoppers Drug Mart.

    Bought more cleaning supplies at Dollarama.

    Packed the rest of my dry food.

    Packed all my dishes.

    Cleaned my fridge.

    Cleaned my oven. (attempt #1)

    …and now I wait for the cleaner to work its magic a second time.

    I am so excited to have a house… but I am beyond excited to actually get to the part where we’re living in it.

    We’re so tired. The Hubster has been working non-stop. Tonight he is installing ceiling fans into our upstairs bedrooms as our house is weird and has no overhead lighting.

    He’s still there working.

    I miss sleep.

    (…but there’s only one more to miss!! Eee!)

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