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If you live in B.C., you will die.

This is the conclusion that I have arrived at.

If you’ve been reading at all in the past week or 2, I think you’d agree. Almost every time I load the news, there is a new headline about someone who has been shot (or died in some other way) somewhere in B.C. For example, today there is a story about a suspicious death in the Lower Mainlands, or the gang-style murder in Surrey that police have been investigating over recent weeks. So really, what other conclusion could I possibly come to? …exactly. None.

I wonder what it is that makes people so crazy out there… there must be something in the water. Because really, it makes our little Ontario seem so much safer than crazy B.C. I can’t even remember if I’ve read a headline or article about violence in Ontario in recent weeks… the fact that I can’t is proof enough. Which makes me postulate another theory… MAYBE CBC doesn’t like Western Canada and wants to make it look bad. So they are ignoring Ontario violence and making it look lovely and safe. OR SECRET. Maybe CBC is in on it and is hiding all the Ontario violence… oooo… that’s kind of creepy.

In any case, if you live in B.C. here is my advice: move. Bad things happen there. And CBC reports it.

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