Job Interview*

I can’t remember if I wrote about my applying for jobs while I was up in the Great White North, but I did. I spent an exciting Saturday night applying for summer jobs because I was too afraid to go outside in the -35 degree weather. Well, I heard back from one today and I have an interview on Thursday!! I saw some positions open with the Catholic School Board here and I threw in a resume, and they actually called me today! I have an interview to be a tutor–it pays well and it would be great experience for my teacher’s college applications which are looming next October.

I’m actually quite excited… I haven’t had a job interview since I was 17, so it should be interesting. I’m looking up sample interview questions on the net so that I can be better prepared. I’ve decided not to be nervous about it– it won’t really affect me either way whether or not I get the job. I only hope that my not being Catholic won’t be an issue. I did attend a Catholic school for a semester, and am a practicing Christian, so hopefully that will be enough! I can’t imagine it being a really serious issue though…

Anyway, I’ve been playing around with my template a bit. I’m not in love with this one yet… I’m going to keep tweaking it. I just love the black and white photo of the lily in the background (which unfortunately you can’t really see). Thoughts?

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