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    To the kind woman two streets over,

    You have absolutely no idea the joy you brought to my five year old son tonight. His “Big Buzz” toy broke beyond repair a while back, which was devastating for my Toy Story obsessed kid. After weeks of scouring Facebook marketplace for one, I made a post in a community group I’m in for my beautiful new town. I asked if anyone might have a “Big Buzz” they no longer needed, more than willing to pay for it. You could have easily scrolled by, but instead you reached out and told me you had one that your son no longer played with… and that he would be happy to pass…

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    Squished Potatoes*

    Our kids have become really good friends with two boys across the street. Honestly, it’s everything I was hoping for when we moved. They get along really well, and they love playing together. It’s a constant back and forth of our kids heading across the street to see if “the boys” are available, or “the boys” knocking on our door and peeking in our front windows to see if our kids can come play. It reminds me SO much of my childhood up north and I am so here for it. My best friends and I were always back and forth all day long in the summers– and we’d appear…