Sibling Memories*

  • Sibling Memories*

    “L” is for Love.

    When I was 10, my sister and I got to go on a trip with my Aunt Della and Uncle Frank. We have always been very close with “Auntie” and “Unk”. They never had children of their own, and instead doted endlessly on their nieces and nephews. Auntie was hip and always current with music, Tv and trends, and Unk was always up for anything. They picked us up in Timmins, then we made the 10 hour drive to spend a week with them at their home in Thunder Bay. It was awesome. We watched a lot of Mr. Bean, ate as many pop tarts and Joe Louie’s as we…

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    I am so grateful for vaccines.

    Ontario is finally opening back up again, and I was able to see my family. I haven’t seen most of my siblings since December of 2019. I haven’t seen my sister K since my Aunt Della’s funeral, which was November 9th, 2019. That’s 600 days. Six. Hundred. Days. I finally saw them this week. I cried when I saw L and she was able to meet and hold W. I got to meet my beautiful new niece and see my brother J. I got to have an outdoor visit with my brother D and my sister (in law) T twice. K and I just screamed and hugged for a long…