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    Paleo(ish) Trial – Week Two Review

    Well, I did it! Today was last day of my two-week Paleo(ish) Trial. It’s been an awesome two weeks, and I am so so glad that I stopped using my lack of self-control as an excuse to avoid this. I have spent years being that person who “couldn’t”–I couldn’t possibly give up sugar because I have no will power. I couldn’t possibly stop eating processed foods because I’m so busy! I couldn’t possibly make better meals for myself because I have no time. I’m so happy that I finally proved myself wrong. Life is so much better when you just stop believing that you can’t so something… let me be…

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    The Paleo(ish) Trial – Mid Week Update*

    Well, I’m about half way through week two of my Paleo(ish) Trial, and I am happy to say that I am still really enjoying this. I still feel like I have so much energy, and one of the best bonuses so far is that the sluggish “I’m-not-ready-to-wake-up” feeling I always fought in the morning is basically gone. Even after I’ve had a bad night with Hank, I still feel much better in the mornings. That in itself is making this worth it. I no longer feel like I’m a slave to my cravings. I had a bad day on Tuesday, for some reason an intense craving for sugar hit me…