Small Town Stories

Reason #18262 I love living in a small town:

I am almost out of groceries.

I meant to put in a grocery order to pick up last night, but I was exhausted and didn’t get it done. There’s a grocery store a short walk from the kids’ school, so I decided that I’d just pop in after dropping them off this morning to grab some essentials.

It’s a gorgeous fall day, so after our shop, W fell asleep in the stroller and I just meandered down a few streets on the way home. On one street, I could see an elderly woman walking on the sidewalk towards me. She stepped off onto a driveway so there would be room for me to pass.

She smiled and said she needed a break anyway, and as I laughed and thanked her, something told me to stop.

So, I did.

We began to talk, and before I knew it, almost a half hour passed by. She told me a bit about her life and family, and how she had lived in this town for almost all of her 87 years. She was funny and sharp, with kind eyes and a good laugh. She told me all about her children and grandchildren, then opened up that her husband had passed a few years ago and that she was now living on her own. She tries to get out and walk a mile every morning, because “what’s the point of life if you’re just going to spend it in a chair?”

I want to be her best friend.

There was something about her that reminded me SO much of my Grammy P. (Fun fact: P is named for her last name!) Her spirit and wit were just like her, and for one minute I felt like it was her standing there with me.

After a much longer chat than either of us expected, she reluctantly told me she should probably keep walking before she got tired. We properly introduced ourselves, and I told her how much I enjoyed talking with her… and that I hoped to see her while she was out walking her mile again soon.

Just before she left, she turned to me and said,

“You know, it all goes so fast. Life is hard sometimes, but I want you to know, it will all be okay. You take care, dear.”

It’s funny how sometimes the very best advice comes from a complete stranger. I’m so glad that I met her… And I really hope that our paths cross again soon.

It was the most random interaction, but somehow it didn’t feel random at all. ❤️

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