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Poop Happens.

To the woman who gave me a dirty look for changing my son’s diaper in the grocery store parking lot this morning:

I’m sure that seeing a poop-covered bum wasn’t on your grocery list this morning. I’m sorry about that. We had just finished our shopping and my son was crying and I thought he wanted to be fed… but I discovered the source of his discomfort as soon as I lifted him out of the seat.

You’re right, I could have gone back into the store to try and change him there, but he was upset and the parking lot wasn’t busy, and changing him on the front seat just felt easier in the moment.

You managed to walk by at that golden moment when poop was absolutely everywhere, and as I caught your eye to try and smile and apologize for what you saw, your face told me everything you wanted me to know.

So, let me tell you a few things.

Things don’t always happen the way we plan. W was fine while I was in the store and in the proximity of the bathroom. Isn’t that always the way?

It’s not easy shopping with a baby. It was a monumental effort to get to the store this morning after getting the three big kids to school. I was kind of proud of myself for getting there, poopsplosion and all.

Being a mom is hard. We judge ourselves all the time, without outsiders chipping in. While maybe what you think you witnessed wasn’t ideal, it was real life.

Poop happens. Sometimes in a parking lot.

And in my opinion, this bum is pretty cute, blowout and all.


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