Holy Crap.

I just saw a message from my school board on Facebook.

It was directing parents to check their email for an update about about the school year that was sent today. I picked up my phone and opened my gmail app–no email. I thought that was a bit weird, so then I checked my junk mail just to see if it had somehow gone there instead, but again–no email.

I sat here scratching my head for a minute, wondering why we hadn’t received it. Then it hit me: I don’t get those emails anymore.

I sent my intent to withdraw form in last week. My kids are no longer with the school board and it just felt VERY real.

It seriously made me catch my breath for a minute and have a HOLY CRAP moment. This is real. I am homeschooling in September.


(In the very best possible way.)

These are uncharted waters but I’mma figure this out. Time to start planning.

It’s go time.

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