Random Junk*

I used to be able to stay up late…

Its 10:28pm, and I’m only just now sitting down for a half a minute before I crawl into bed.

I wanted to write this afternoon, but this entire day just got away from me. I took the kids to school this morning, then came home for a quick whirlwind clean. I got through the living room and one bathroom before I heard a knock on my door… one of my favourite neighbours popped in for a quick chat on her way by and it was so lovely.

Can I just say that I love living in a place where I have lovely neighbours that pop by for no reason other than to just say hi? I love that.

Just as she was leaving my doorbell rang, and my friend arrived with her two year old daughter, A. I had offered to watch her while she went to an appointment, so A, P and I had a non-stop hour of dance parties, tea parties, playing trucks and snacks. P & A are only a month apart, so it was really fun to watch him interact with her.

My friend came back a little before noon to pick A up, and after a quick visit she left and I went into lunch mode. P watched a show while I tried to throw something together. Thirty minutes later he was full and in bed for a nap, and I faced a decision: write in my blog or wash my floors. I really wanted to write, but my floors really wanted to be washed. P had walked around the kitchen shaking his apple juice cup like a maraca, so there were all these really lovely little sticky spots everywhere. So, so nice.

I cleaned the kitchen, washed the floors throughout my main floor, ate lunch… and then it was time to wake him up. We made a mad dash to the grocery store to get the food I should have gone to get yesterday but didn’t because it was so gross and rainy.

I should have just gone yesterday.

I rushed around the store only to get stuck in the world’s slowest check-out line. I did my best to be polite and hold my eye rolling to a minimum, but I swear the woman ahead of me bought the entire store. Then she divided it onto both sides of the bagging area while she put it in her bags, preventing the cashier from ringing my things through. I mean….


I was late leaving, had to rush across town to get S & H from school and managed to run into the schoolyard just as the bell was ringing. Then it was a rush to get the groceries put away and start dinner, then a rush to get the kids to eat so that we could go out and do a family activity. I want to write an entire post on this tomorrow, my brain is already asleep and I don’t think I could put my thoughts together very well tonight.

As I was trying to get through dinner, my phone rang. It was work, sending me to a new school tomorrow… it will be the furthest I’ve had to drive AND the earliest start time. So, in addition to all the regular rush to get through the meal and out the door, I began adding in the night-before-work-prep to the mix.

Somehow it all got done. We went out and had a nice time together, the kids got bathed and into bed, S and I read together, my house is tidy, the lunches are packed, the clothes are laid out for tomorrow and I’m showered and ready for my mad dash to get ready for work and out the door by 7:20am tomorrow. (Hold me.) I’m about ready to pass out, but all the things I needed to get done got done. So, that’s a win.

Even though this entire day felt like a rush (because it was) I actually feel really good about it. I got a lot done today, and we still managed to get out as a family. And now, to bed. So tired.

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