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I Hate Fevers*

I had a little shadow today.

P felt a little warm most of yesterday, and by last night he was rocking a solid fever of 102. He responded really well to the Tylenol, and within 30 minutes my wee man was playing happily until bedtime. I braced myself for a long night, but he actually slept through.

Naturally, I did not. My mom brain started whirring and I kept worrying about his temp and probably went in every two hours to check on him. He felt pretty warm throughout the night, but as he was sleeping peacefully I didn’t want to wake him. I am fully aware that I am completely irrational when it comes to fevers. I know they are technically a “good thing”, but S’s febrile seizure two years ago has scarred me more than I care to admit. When my kids get fevers now I have this constant lump in my throat and have to keep shoving the crazy down so it doesn’t explode out of me.

He was still feverish when he woke up this morning, so we had a god snuggle on the couch while we waited for it to come down. Fun fact: if you’re cold, just hold a feverish child. It’s better than a blanket! Whenever he isn’t feeling 100%, he likes to stay within an arm’s reach of me.

So, I had a little shadow today. We stayed quiet, played toys, watched Mickey and had lots of snugs. He was actually very much himself most of the day, despite being warm. Hopefully he’s just fighting a little cold and will be right as rain tomorrow.

By lunchtime we were both done in, so once I had him in bed I crawled into my own. I try not to nap most days as I often need the afternoon to get anything done, but today I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. I set an alarm to only sleep an hour, but I vaguely remember shutting it off and sleeping long past it. Then of course I had a nap hangover and couldn’t wake up.

Isn’t that the worst? You take a nap because you’re so tired, but then wake up feeling even more tired. It’s a vicious, vicious cycle.

We survived the evening and I even managed to get the house sort of clean while P watched Chicken Little. I probably should have gone to bed long ago, but it’s so nice to have a few minutes to just… be. No one needs me, the house is clean(ish), the lunches are packed and I can take off my mom hat for a little while. I love wearing it… but it’s hard work.

Really I’m just lazy and don’t want to go take off my contacts and makeup. So I’ll just sit here a little while longer instead. :)

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