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The Great Purge*

I went back to the Osteopath this morning for a continuation of last week’s treatment. Today he added a little acupuncture into the mix to try calming down my muscle spasms. It was such a bizarre feeling–I had all these little porcupine spikes sticking out of my back, then he added on some electrodes to stimulate the muscles. So my spiky back twitched and contracted in response to the electrodes, and I wasn’t controlling any of it. It felt so weird to lay there and have my body move and not be the one controlling the movements.

He gave me a new list of strengthening exercises to do, and we set an appointment for a month from tomorrow. If all is well then, I will get the all clear to start running again. I just have to, you know, actually do he exercises he assigned me and see if it helps. I always work best with a deadline, so I’ve made a list of do’s and dont’s and I’m going to stick to it for 30 days and see if there is any improvement. Fingers crossed!!

I got home just in time to feed P a quick lunch and get him down for a nap, then I found myself in my bedroom staring into my closet. My back-to-work deadline is looming (two sleeps!) and most of my work clothes have been hanging in my closet unworn for almost 3 years. My body has changed after each baby, so I had no idea what still fit and what needed to be replaced… and I knew there was only one real way to find out:

Fashion Show!!

(In front of a mirror. By myself. ha.)

I started with my work pants. I tried them on, one by one. Some fit perfectly, some I could still shimmy and jump my way into (you know you do it too), and then I had a pile of pants I’ve been saving for “when I lose the weight”. You know, to motivate me to actually lose the weight.

As I looked at that pile, I decided it wasn’t terribly motivating after all. So, I threw them all in a donation pile. ALL of them. It felt amazing. So good, in fact, that I then proceeded to work my way through the entire closet–skirts, dresses, blouses, cardigans, etc. I tried them all on, and tossed anything that didn’t make me feel fabulous right now. I’m sick of holding onto “someday” clothes. If and when I achieve that someday, I’ll celebrate by going to buy some new clothes.

After my closet I moved to my dresser, and went through each drawer one by one. I now have a massive pile of clothes to donate in my bedroom, and I feel really good about it. The clothes I’ve kept all fit me well and I enjoy wearing them. My work clothes are organized and ready to go, though I’m still in a bit of denial that I’ll actually need them this week.

Best of all, my closet looks roomy and clean, my drawers aren’t overflowing, and I now know exactly how everything fits. There will be no more holding up an item against my body to “see” if it fits, but then putting it away without trying it on because I don’t want to be disappointed if it doesn’t.

Knowledge is power, my friends.

Purging felt really good… and now there’s room for me to go on a new thrifting adventure!!

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