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Key Fobs Don’t Open Front Doors*

Well, I did not do yoga today.

I woke up early, and immediately my mind started spinning with the billion things I need to squeeze into today. I knew I still had time to sleep, and willed my mind to quiet so that I could… but my brain started making lists and prioritizing all the things and by the time I rolled out of bed I decided to start ticking things off my list instead. Also, M had to work in the City today, which meant he had to leave early to catch his train, so I got up early to make lunches for him and the kids instead.

I’ll yoga tomorrow. (I also totally forgot to look up a video to do last night, so it’s on one of my lists for today. Suggestions?)

To be honest, I wasn’t even sure how I would squeeze writing in today. I feel like I’ve been moving non stop since I rolled out of bed. I got the kids ready and took them to school, planned our menu for the week, got groceries, came home and unpacked said groceries, made lunch for Phil, put him to bed, cleaned the kitchen and I just finished mopping my entire main floor. While I was mopping I decided to literally paint myself into a corner so I’d have no other choice. I am stuck on this couch with my laptop until the floor dries.

So, here I am. Forced relaxation. I like it.

I have days like this sometimes where my anxiety levels feel really high and I feel this pressure to get all the things done in one day. Granted, this is a crazy day for us and I have to go out to an Osteopath appointment after dinner so my evening cleaning time is cut short. That being said, I know I don’t have to do everything today, but it just feels like I do. There is this blaring deadline alarm going off in my head and I know it won’t quiet until I finish my lists.

So I’m a crazy scatterbrained person today, trying to do it all.

I ended up being that person at Walmart today while I was trying to check out with my groceries. I swear, I have the worst luck at picking checkout lines. I always end up behind the person who is paying entirely with nickles, who is price matching their entire cart, or with the slowest cashiers in the world. Today it was the latter. I basically bought all of Walmart and my cart was full. I chose the shortest line (big mistake) and started loading my stuff on the belt.

Note to self: Sometimes checkout lines are short for a reason.

The man helping me check out was very lovely. But very chatty. He had a story or quip about each item as he loaded them. It was very sweet, but very slow and I was very aware of the line growing behind my cart. I was hoping that P’s cute car sounds would offset the angry glares people were throwing my way, but it still took forever for all my items to go through.

(To everyone that was behind me, I’m sorry!!!)

By the time I actually paid, P had had enough of the cart and was yelly and repeatedly trying to stand up. I threw everything into the van quickly, and went to head home, just in time for my gas light to shine brightly. I was more than a little tired when I finally made it home, where I learned another lesson: my car key fob does not open the front door to my house. I stood in front of my door, pressing the “unlock” button with all my bags for almost a minute, totally confused that I could hear the unlock beep, but the door wouldn’t open.

I’m totally winning today.


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