My thoughts*,  Baby Boy


Oh, how I needed this week.

I’m probably going to curse my luck by writing this, but this has been a perfectly uneventful week and it has been marvelous.

We have gone seven days without sickness, mishap, bad news or bad luck and it has been such a refreshing change after the week we experienced prior to this. It was like the universe threw everything possible at me during my first week of maternity leave, but now it’s (hopefully) behind us and we are enjoying a little reprieve before the baby arrives.

I sat on my deck, watched an obscene amount of TV, played with my kids, made it out for a girls night and enjoyed an entire day by myself while the kids went to daycare. (*cue angels singing the Hallelujah chorus*)

I’ve also slowly been whittling down my to-list of things that don’t really need to get done, but things I want to get done before the baby. Every time I knock another item off my list it’s like another little stone gets lifted from my shoulders and I feel that much lighter.

For example, yesterday I vacuumed my stairs. Not a big thing, but it’s often challenging to do when the kids are around and with the other billion things we have to do to keep our house tidy it’s not usually a huge priority. But I did it, and it feels amaaazing. I am slowly picking away at the mountain of ironing that has amassed in my closet. I reorganized my medicine cabinet and threw out all our expired medicines. Today I ordered some new photos and began updating some of our framed photos around the house. Again, nothing earth shattering, but just little things that have collected on my mental to-do list over the last few months and it feels so good to get a few of them done.

(My dream this week is to be able to clean my fridge. You know you’re officially an adult when…)

My due date keeps inching closer, and every day I am grateful that this wee man hasn’t surprised us early. I’m finally beginning to feel ready to welcome him to our family. I was so overwhelmed after work ended and our week of hell began. I’m finally feeling rested and relaxed and excited. It was hard to feel excited about the baby when it still felt like there was 8 billion things to do, no one was sleeping, everyone was sick and life was so stressful. That is all melting away and is quickly being replaced by the anticipation and joy that will come with this little prince’s arrival.

I had another appointment with my midwife yesterday, and all looks well. By this point in my last pregnancy we were having “the conversation” about giving birth to a big baby. I had appointments at a special ultrasound clinic that had better technology to measure size and weight, and my midwives were trying to mentally prepare me for what was ahead.

I don’t feel like I’m as big with this baby, so I’m hoping it means I won’t have another almost 10 pounder. My delivery with Hank was fast and relatively easy, but he did have some complications as a result of his size. My iron is still low (as per usual), but my blood pressure and his heart rate are just peachy. So now it’s just riding it out until the end! I’ll be 39 weeks tomorrow–I can hardly believe I’m already here. Didn’t I just announce that I was pregnant?!

Well, the Hubster just took the toads to the park so I think I might pop some blonde brownies in the oven and put my feet up for a bit. Disaster might strike again tomorrow, but for today?

Life is good.


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