House Projects*,  Weebean*

On the Mend*


After a long, long week I can finally put a name to the illness that has been ravaging my poor Wee-bean for the last seven days. Her fever persisted until late Friday night before it finally broke… only to make way for a rash that covered her entire torso. It wasn’t itchy, but she was SO uncomfortable and she she continued to want to be held by me all the time. I hate seeing her feeling so small.

She has not been herself for days… but this morning she finally woke up with a smile. No fever, her rash is fading and she finally had a decent breakfast. She has been happily playing and colouring since breakfast and I feel like I can finally take a breath.

Let’s just hope that Hank doesn’t catch it.

Anyway. That was my week! Today I have plans to clean / disinfect my entire house and actually go out somewhere. Aside from our visit to the doctor, we haven’t left the house since last Sunday as I wasn’t sure if she was contagious. I am dying to go check out the new summer dresses at Target– they looked so cute in the flyer! And I think I’ve earned a new dress (or two) after the week we’ve had.

I’m also testing out a new way to blog… from my phone! I find it so hard to get onto my computer for any length of time these days, so when I found a WordPress app for my phone, I thought I would give it a whirl. I generally hate typing long messages on my phone, but this actually isn’t too bad! And if it will give me a way to write more often, I’m going to run with it. :)

Well, there is a bottle of Lysol calling my name… let the Monday cleaning begin!


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