Baby Boy

One Month Later*

Has it really been a month since I last posted? Somehow we are already halfway through April and my (not-so) little man will be 7 weeks old tomorrow.

Holy toot.

A lot has happened in the last few weeks. I’ve often thought about writing, but things have just been so busy. Days will go by before I have a chance to turn on my computer, and even then it seems like I only have enough time to answer a few emails or look up a recipe before I’m needed elsewhere.

Tomorrow Hank will be seven weeks old. It has been a wonderful, crazy, exhausting seven weeks but he really is the sweetest little boy.

Any by little I actually mean quite large. I’m not sure what percentile he is measuring in, but at our last appointment he was just shy of 14lbs and is currently wearing 3 – 6 month onesies as tight muscle shirts. I’m definitely getting a workout carrying him around… ;) He has a very sweet disposition and loves to smile and coo when you talk to him. We’ve gone through several big growth spurts (crazy eating + not much sleeping) but he seems to be settling down a bit.

Ruby has been absolutely wonderful with him. She is very curious about him and loves when he is around. We have to watch her as she loves to touch his face (she lovingly tickles his eyes… ha) but she is adorable with him. She hasn’t displayed any jealousy (yet) and continues to make us smile with all her antics.

I finally feel like I’m beginning to get the hang of this whole parenting-more-than-one–kid bit. The Hubster went back to work two days ago and every day has gotten a little easier. Hank still isn’t really on any kind of a routine yet, but Ruby has adapted hers and most days we get through without any issues. With the exception of one day I’ve managed to shower before noon, and I’ve taken both kids out on my own twice and we all made it home alive. (ha)

I’ve been trying stay connected through Instagram and my Facebook page, but I am hoping to get back here a little more often. We went through a period where Hank wasn’t really napping well, but the last two days have given me hope that we are out of that phase. I really miss writing, and I have so much to share with you! I’m still off chocolate (one month tomorrow!), we just bought a new kitchen table, and I’m trying out a new idea I found on Pinterest to help me stay on top of my house.

Because let me tell you a secret: trying to keep a house clean / organized with two kids is hard. The laundry alone is insane and seems to creep all over my top floor.


It’s getting late and I’m hoping to get Hank to sleep so I can crash myself. I like sleep.

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