Complaining about something*,  Baby Boy

Still Figuring Things Out*

How does everyone do it?

I have found it incredibly difficult to try and squeeze time in for writing since the arrival of Hank the Tank. It’s not that he has been a difficult baby–quite the opposite, really–but it just feels like I always have something I should be doing. It’s been a challenge to try and keep my house from looking like  a complete disaster, cook meals, play with my kiddos and spend time with the Hubster.

And yet I follow some amazing women who seem to manage to raise their kids, keep their houses somewhat together and find time to write, so I know it’s possible. I just haven’t figured out how to work it into my new life as a mother of two children.

It’s been a challenging couple of days. On Sunday we had an amazing day celebrating Hank’s baby blessing. The Hubster gave him a beautiful blessing, and it was wonderful to see some family and friends that were able to be with us. We had a few people back to our home afterward for a little party, and even though it took me two full days to get my house ready for it (and two days to clean up after it… haha) it was so worth it.

But little Ruby seemed a little under the weather that evening and most of Monday. Sure enough, by Monday night she was running a low fever that she has had intermittently for the last two days. We’ve been able to manage it with some Tylenol and lots of snuggles, but every time we think we have it beat, it rears it’s ugly head one more time. If it persists into this evening I think I may have to go get her checked out. Poor bean.

So, it’s been a dance of trying to see to her needs while trying my dardnest to keep her and Hank apart. Even though he looks like a six month old, Hank is still just my two month old baby and I don’t want him to catch what she has.

To sum it up: I’m a little tired.

But I managed to unload the dishwasher, clean one bathroom, shower AND blog today, so I figure I’m still doing alright. :)

(And if I’m lucky, maybe those four loads of laundry will fold themselves!)

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