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Happy Birthday, Ruby*

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ah, the day of love. When the wee-bean was born, the way we viewed this day was forever changed and it took on a whole new meaning. Today, our beautiful red-haired girl turned two.

(cue waves of serious denial)

I’m glad we decided to have her party last weekend, especially in light of the new “fun” pregnancy symptoms I’ve been experiencing all week. I enjoyed one day of relief yesterday where I felt normal for most of the day and I am so grateful for that.

It was almost worth spending half the night on the bathroom floor alternating between waves of nausea and cramping. Fun!


It appears that our small girl is cutting a new molar or two, so she didn’t have the best night either. She woke up incredibly early, but I’m choosing to believe it was simply because she was so excited about her birthday. I was still not feeling well, so she enjoyed breakfast with the Hubster while I tried to alleviate the cramping. Today was really the only day that I was really, really hoping not to go into labor. I already know their birthdays will be close, but two birthdays on the same day–Valentine’s Day no less–was a bit much for me.

Thankfully, it appears that our small man is staying put. :)

After breakfast we finally let her dig into the box of gifts that her grandparents mailed to her from the East Coast. She finally understands the concept of wrapped gifts and loved tearing through the paper and seeing all the beautiful presents.


She was still a little tired so we let her choose a show to watch before heading out to run a few errands and go swimming! I decided not to squeeze this belly into a swimsuit, but happily sat in the viewing area and watched Ruby splash in the pool with her Dad. She loved the pool (and the toys) and was not pleased when it was time to go.

Swimming with Dad*

Thankfully she decided we could be friends again when we took her to McDonalds for french fries.

We both had a glorious nap this afternoon, and spent the rest of the day playing and snuggling. She was pretty tired tonight, so we curled up on the couch and watched the Wiggles before heading up to bed. I was extremely tempted to join her, but the Hubster and I have being trying to get everything out of the new baby’s room so we can start painting tomorrow.

But today’s jobs are finally done, my sweet two-year-old is sleeping away in her bed, and her brother is kicking up a storm in my belly… which means it’s time for me to head to bed.

Tomorrow is another day, and we are now officially just mere single digits away from my official due date! Exciting!

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