Le Bebe*

Silly Bean*

My wee bean is a little bit silly.

We’ve been cooped up in the house these past few days while she recovers from her ear infection, and I had my mandated “day of rest” yesterday. I had hoped to make it out on some kind of adventure today, but we had another long, long night last night and Ruby and I were both a little tired.

Most days, Ruby still naps twice. She is usually up fairly early, then will have short nap in the morning, followed by a longer one in the afternoon. Occasionally, however, she will sleep the whole morning away and then refuse to touch her bed again until, well, bed time.

Yesterday was one of those days.

While I love the long time to myself in the morning, it can make for a very long afternoon. Since I was supposed to take it easy yesterday, I tried to break up the afternoon for her by playing in different areas of the house. By mid afternoon we found ourselves upstairs. I closed the doors to the bathroom and office, which left her two options: her room, or mine.

For a while, I lay quietly on my bed listening to her play in her room down the hall. She is in this hilarious stage where she babbles and talks to herself constantly while she is playing, and I love to listen.

After a while she tired of her room and began exploring mine. She was on the floor next to me, so I closed my eyes for a few minutes and tried to rest. When I opened them and looked down at her, my breath caught in my throat.

…until it exploded out seconds later in a fit of laughter. (Quite dangerous for a pregnant woman with a a peanut sitting on her bladder, you know.)

You see, when I looked down, I saw this:


I have a drawer full of spare odds and ends in my closet–socks, bras and underwear. Well, while I had my eyes closed, Ruby happened upon this drawer and discreetly opened it.

And then helped herself to some new “accessories”.


Despite me laughing my head off, she was very serious about her new scarves, and was quite upset when I tried to remove them. So, I gave in. Who am I to tell her what’s in style?


Oh, little bean. Even though you keep me up all hours of the night, you sure are funny. :)

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