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As you know, for the last two weeks I’ve been spending much less time on Facebook. I’m happy to report that I actually don’t find that I miss it all that much. I’m not off it completely–I still check my own profile page and occasionally see what’s at the top of the newsfeed when I’m clicking past, but I no longer dwell there.

And I actually find that I feel much better. I find that I’m comparing myself and my life to others much less, and I’m really happy about that.

For me, the biggest help letting go was deleting the Facebook application off my phone. I didn’t really realize how often I was using it until I got rid of it. Since it’s a pain to log into Facebook through the web browser, I rarely bother, and just wait until I get on the computer… which is usually once a day.

That being said, I have seen a few wonderful bits of news at the top of the feed that I’m glad I didn’t miss. There have been baby announcements and engagements that I’m glad I didn’t miss, and then, there was this video.

On Saturday morning I turned on the computer while Ruby napped so I could do a bit of planning for my week. An email popped up telling me that I had a facebook notification, so I logged in. At the top of the home screen was a link to this video, and since I was procrastinating anyway, I decided to take a peek.

…and then I laughed so hard I nearly peed my pants.

(This happens a lot. I’m pregnant. Don’t judge. haha)

It’s a short rant by a comedian, comparing the lives of people before and after they have children. I think that anyone who has ever spent extended time with kids, parents or not, will appreciate this.


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