Baby Boy

It’s A…


Well, the Hubster and I had our ultrasound today!

I was feeling a little anxious before we went in–drinking all that water always makes me feel a little queasy, and I was nervous that we’d end up with a technician who wouldn’t tell us the gender of the baby.

Luckily, I waited a little later to start drinking so I wasn’t dying when the ultrasound started, and the technician was lovely. She even turned the screen so I could see everything she was doing for the entire appointment.

It’s so thrilling to finally see this little person that you’ve felt dancing inside you. As far as we know everything looks okay, and this peanut was fairly cooperative.

Last night I posed a question, and the responses definitely leaned to one side: pink. Well, this morning we finally found out!

It’s a…


We’re having a boy! We are both thrilled, and can’t wait to meet this little man. I am also so excited for bow ties and sweater vests.

Seriously. You don’t even know. haha

It looks like we have some shopping to do–time to buy a few more things in blue! :)

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  • Date Girl

    Well aren’t you the busy little bee?? I haven’t checked in with you in awhile, and here you are on baby #2! Congrats on the boy! Now you will have the complete set. :-) Little boy outfits are pretty adorable. Wait til you get him some overalls. Those are my absolute favorite on my little man. So stinking cute!