Le Bebe*

Waiting to Exhale*

So, I’m pregnant. :)


After having such a positive experience with midwives last time, there was absolutely no question in my mind that I wanted to go that route again.

(And hopefully avoid another induction if possible.)

I was thrilled when they told me that I would most likely be able to have Olivia present at my birth again. Midwives take several weeks off all at once to compensate for their crazy schedules, and Olivia’s holidays end four days before my due date. It was enough of a window that she was happy to work with me, but close enough that the practice is assigning me dual primary care, instead of just a primary and secondary midwife. That way, if by some miracle I actually go into labour early this time, primary midwife #2 will be there.

So this little peanut will have three midwives looking after him / her.

My first appointment was supposed to be first thing this morning. I got up in time, had a power shower and was just about ready to get the wee-bean dressed and ready to go when the office called.

Someone else had gone into labour and Olivia was gone to a birth.

(The nerve. ha! I kid.)

Translation: my appointment was cancelled and will be rescheduled… probably next week sometime.


As nice as it is to no longer need to rush out the door (and disturb nap-time), I’m rather disappointed. I had my final appointment with my family doctor last week, and she thought that it was too early to try and hear the heartbeat. She felt that Olivia would likely have better success today.

I was so looking forward to it. While I don’t feel nearly the same level of anxiety that I did in my first pregnancy, I still feel like I’m holding my breath a bit. I’ve already had one ultrasound so I’ve seen that tiny heart beating, but it was over five weeks ago. I am so ready to hear that little heartbeat and confirm that this peanut is growing.

The early stage of pregnancy is by far the hardest for me. I always worry that something is wrong because you can’t actually feel anything yet.

Except nausea. Lots and lots of nausea.

So, hopefully my appointment won’t be pushed back too far and I can “meet” this peanut sooner than later.

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